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At the Center for Natural Healing, we treat people, not diseases. We believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself if given proper support and nutrients. We work with our patients to remedy the causes, not just the outward signs, of their illnesses.

Our focus is to provide holistic integrative healthcare, taking into consideration your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Since each patient’s treatment is different, our treatment is highly individualized. The specific treatment prescribed for you will be determined by your current state of health-mental, emotional, and physical- and the specific health concerns you may be experiencing.

We specialize in the following treatment modalities:

  • Classical Homeopathic Medicine
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Medicine

As naturopaths we avoid the use of drugs and procedures that interrupt normal function and have unintended negative (side) effects. We use nontoxic therapies based on physiologic principles to treat the whole individual, not just the disease or condition.

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Our Staff


Dr. Andrea Sullivan
In 1986, Dr. Andrea D. Sullivan received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the four-year program at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. The program included all the basic, clinical, and preceptor experiences. In addition, Dr. Sullivan took advanced courses in homeopathic medicine in both the United States and Europe. She is a diplomat for the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (DHANP), and continues to study with homeopathic teachers from Bombay, India.


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Dr. Andrea Sullivan

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