The correlations between abuse, heart disease and depression specifically, began to emerge formally in 1996 when Kaiser Permanent and the CDC did a study on childhood trauma and its effects on disease, The trauma included abuse, sexual or not as well as parents divorcing, or having an alcoholic parent. They found that the number of traumas determines the severity of disease at a later time in life.

The stress physiology system is called into play when trauma occurs. This is the system that maintains immune function, cardio vascular health and even reproduction, as well as blood sugar regulation. You know it as " fight or flight" syndrome. Stress activates this system and deregulates normal bodily function.

We also know that there is the same response when a racist act is committed against a person or group of people. The killing of our young men, the hate filled comments of Donald Trump, and the treatment of our President by the Congress, are all examples of racism that affect us daily. Interestingly enough, research at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Toronto and in the American Journal of Public Health tells us that all people regardless of ethnicity, living in communities with high levels of racial prejudice were more likely to die younger than people living in more tolerant areas. Harboring racist feelings in a multicultural society causes daily stress leading to chronic problems like type II Diabetes, Cancer and Hypertension.

Imagine the period of slavery. We were raped , sold, murdered, and watched our children endure the same, held as chattel , considered property and not human. The atrocities visited upon us were demonic. What must the stress level have been like for the master and the slave ?

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In my book " A Path To Healing : A Guide To Wellness For Body , Mind, and Soul, I have discussions about that period of time and how those behaviors has affected our lives, all of our lives, today and how we can heal from long term chronic dis-eases. Learn Mere about my book on this picture

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