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Dr. Sullivan is conveinently located in Washington DC.
After you buzz in Sullivan and enter the building, please make an immediate right and buzz in again. We are located on the ground floor - the last office on the right hand side.

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4601 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 6
Washington, DC 20008

Telephone: +1 202 244 4545
FAX: +1 202 723 5850


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Dr. Sullivan is featured on
2013 Aetna Insurance African American History Calendar

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Dr. Sullivan appears on Ms. Deborah's Tea Room
March 28, 2011
Discussing Men's Health the will air Starting June 20th 2012 each Wednesday 9:30pm,each Friday 1:00pm,and each @ Saturday 12 noon, until the second week in July.

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What About Naturopathic Medicine?
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