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Each of our patients is unique. Their uniqueness is also expressed in their experience at the Center for Natural Healing. We thank our patients for sharing their stories with us. I came to the Center for Natural Healing seeking an alternative to prescription drugs for chronic health issues. I was recommended to contact Dr. Sullivan and was aware of her reputation and her book, A Path to Healing. I was delighted to learn that a leading practitioner in the field of Naturopathy and Homeopathy was located in the Washington, D.C. area.


Dr. Sullivan prescribed a homeopathic remedy for me and provided nutritional counseling as well. I had gone to another naturopathic doctor previously who had recommended that I practice a vegan diet. However, Dr. Sullivan identified me as "O" type blood and recommended that I have animal protein in my diet. After learning what my body's unique dietary needs were, I noticed a remarkable difference in my state of well being. I had experienced an improvement in my health before, but had not experienced the state of vitality that I achieved under Dr. Sullivan's care. I am grateful for her to take the time to learn about my body and my specific needs. I consider Dr. Sullivan a co-primary physician who partners with my internist to care for my health.

I would describe my experience at the Center for Natural Healing as transformational. I would recommend the Center to my family and friends I came to the Center for Natural Healing looking for different choices for improving my health and wanted the personal care of a practicing professional. I had been referred by a family member. Dr. Sullivan recommended a diet plan and my health has improved. I have lost weight, and I'm practicing preventive care. I have definitely recommended the Center for Natural Healing, Dr Sullivan, and her book (The Path to Healing) to my family and friends. In essence, I describe the services at the Center of Natural Healing as comprehensive.

My wife and I took our infant son to the Center for Natural Healing to treat his severe allergies. He had a milk allergy that would negatively affect his entire temperament. Literally after two weeks of treatment, he was a completely different kid!

Now we have two boys, ages eight and eleven. Over the years, Dr. Sullivan has impacted their health in a positive way. She has helped them to face how they feel. The Center for Natural Healing offered me a different approach to health by helping me heal holistically- mind, body and soul. I describe my experience at the Center as calming. I feel at home and trust Dr. Sullivan. Since the age of 9, I have been a patient at the Center for Natural Healing. My mother introduced me to the Center after my brother was successfully treated for epilepsy. After I entered college as a theatre and dance major, I chose to continue to go to the Center. I have wholeheartedly embraced a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that the Center for Natural Healing guides individuals toward a healthier lifestyle through educating individuals and providing healthy choices. I have already referred friends to the Center.

I am fond of Dr. Sullivan and have established a working relationship with her over the past eleven years. I highly regard her opinion and we both have a mutual respect and trust for each other. I first learned about the Center for Natural Healing through recommendations from friends. My two year old son had suffered from a seizure disorder and had been taking medications since he was eighteen months. Nothing seemed to work. He even slipped into a comma while in the hospital. I then turned to Dr. Sullivan at the Center for Natural Healing. She helped me to wean my son off of medication to a healthier life. I have not regretted my decision.

I have been a patient for the past fifteen years, and all three of my children have been patients at certain times in their lives. I have seen Dr. Sullivan for a variety of aliments and concerns including hypothyroidism (Hashimoto Disease), high cholesterol, stress, and peri-menopause. I have always preferred natural remedies over prescriptive drugs on an ongoing basis. The vitamins and remedies I receive from the Center have helped me a lot! I have referred hundreds and hundreds of people to the Center over the years. My older brother and sister-in-law had always been positive influencers regarding healthy living. When I moved to the area, I searched for a herbologist. I prefer natural medicine and have both an allopathic and naturopathic doctor.

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