Colonic Hydrotherapy and Detoxification


Colonic Hydrotherapy uses water to gently cleanse the large intestine or colon. In the past, colonics have been called "high enemas" because of their ability to cleanse the colon entirely, including the ascending colon and cecum.

Colonics are used to cleanse the body of toxins that build up in the colon. When these toxins can no longer effectively be eliminated through the large intestines, they can cause "autointoxication" (the poisoning of one's own system through uneliminated toxins).

This results in a wide variety of symptoms which may include aching joints, headaches, poor concentration, mood swings, PMS, lethargy, fatigue, etc. Many diseases may also be linked to autointoxication. Colonics themselves are not a cure for any disease, but they can aid in the body's natural ability to heal itself by temporarily removing the overload on the system caused by the toxins. A healthy colon is essential for the optimal health and well being of the entire body (Boyle, Wade, Naturopathic Hydrotherapy. Bukckeye Naturopathic Press, 1988)

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