Dr. Sullivan makes public appearances.

Past Appearances

Dr. Andrea Sullivan has been called upon to speak as an expert on naturopathic medicine by a wide range of media outlets. Her work has also been recognized by community organizations which value her commitment to good health.

Dr. Sullivan is a contributing writer for Prevention Magazine Health Books, Essence, Ebony, Heart and Soul, Huffington Post and Health Quest. She has been featured on network and cable television, local radio and many articles.

Television Appearances

  • Nature’s Medicine” with Barbara Harrison, NBC, Channel 4
  • “Broadcast House Live”, Channel 9
  • “Our Voices” BET
  • “Fighting Fat” with Angela Owens, WRC-TV
  • “Evening Exchange” with Kojo Namdi, WHMM, Channel 32
  • “The Cathy Hughes Show” WFTY, Channel 50
  • “P.M. Arlington” with Richard Massabny Arlington Community Television, Channel 33
  • “Health today” Channel 8

Radio Appearances

  • “Audrey Chapman”, WHUR-FM
  • “Focus on Your Health”, with Dr. Karl Hammonds WGAY-FM
  • “Crosstalk” with Ernest White, WDCU-FM
  • “Public Notice”, with Lorne Cress Love WPFW-FM
  • “Signs and Seasons”, with Gabree Amlak, WPFW-FM
  • “Gary Null Show” WBLI-FM, NYC
  • “Dr. In The House “, with Dr. Henry Fishman, WMAL -AM
  • “The Daily Drum”, with Herman Washington, WHUR-FM

Published Articles

  • HealthQuest: The Publication for Black Wellness
  • Essence Magazine: November 1997; April, May & July 1998; July & August 1999; January & July 2000; January 2003
  • Natural Health, November 2001
  • Health Quest: The Publication for Black Wellness (2000 and 2001) — –Dental health, Living with Lupus, Insomnia, Managing Holiday Stress, Sarcoidosis
  • Gospel Today “Healing the Natural Way”, August 1999
  • The Washington Times Newspaper, July 17, 2001 & May 5, 1993
  • Great Life Magazine, March 1999
  • Heart & Soul, May 1999, 2008
  • The Source: The Magazine of Hip-Hop Music, Culture & Politics, November 1997

Speaking Engagements

  • National Medical Association, Annual Conference
  • Guest lecturer at Georgetown University and George Washington University: Naturopathic and Homeopathic Medicine
  • State of Iowa Whole Life Exposition: Status of Health for African-Americans
  • American Lung Association
  • National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD
  • Walter Reed Hospital, Preventive Medicine Department, Washington, DC
  • From the Heart Ministries, Temple Hills, MD
  • Union Temple Baptist Church, Washington, DC
  • Keystone Mercy Health Plan, Mount Airy Church of God In Christ Church,
  • Philadelphia Pa.
  • New Creation Baptist Church, Washington DC
  • Department Of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Abyssinian Baptist Church NYC
  • Nebraska Commission on The Status of Women’s Health
  • IDAMAR Enterprises – Spa Odyssey
  • Black Career Women, Cincinnati Ohio
  • National Black Women’s Health Project


  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians*
  • Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
  • National Center for Homeopathy Council on Homeopathic Certification**
  • Naturopathic Medical Licensing Board***

*President of local chapter and founding member **President of local chapter and founding member of national organization ** Chairperson

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