Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy Is A System Of Medicine Founded In The Late 18th Century By Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

About Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded in the Late 18th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. Hahnemann Left His Medical Practice Because He “No longer wanted to incur injury to patients”.

He began translating medical books, as he was fluent in several languages and worked as a chemist, his original career. He came upon a debate about chinchona bark, which at the time was a cure for malaria. The thought was that it cured malaria because of the astringent properties of the bark, that was not a suitable answer for dr. Hahnemann and he decided to take the herb. Over a period of days, he began to develop the symptoms of malaria and realized that he could create the symptoms in a well person that he was trying to heal in a sick patient. Hence, like cures like or the law of similars was confirmed.

Realizing he could not give a toxic amount to a sick patient he had to do something to make the herbless toxic. He began to dilute and success ( shake ) the herbs, thus creating an energetic medicine. He and his colleagues tested many substances ( plant, animal, and mineral ) over his lifetime and recorded the effect of them all, in books called materia medica. They realized that the energy of the immune system used the energy of the medicine to heal itself.

We understand today that everything is energy. Pain, whether emotional or mental or physical, is energy. You cannot touch pain or anger or anxiety. It is energy. It is a sensation. Each substance that was tested creates sensations in the body. As a Homeopathic physician, I match the sensation, with which the patient presents, with the sensation that can be created ( by a plant, animal or mineral substance ) in a well person.

The energy of the remedy removes the energy of the symptoms that the body has created, and provides healing for the patient not the suppression of symptoms.

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