Life Style/Spiritual Counseling

Reflective listening and faith-filled prayer, that helps remind an individual that we are immersed in Spirit and God.

Life Style/Spiritual Counseling

The definition of  health for Homeopathy is freedom from limitations. So it is with life style and spiritual counseling– to be free from  dis-ease. Dis-ease is not just necessarily a diagnosis but includes a thought, or behavior that supports the false self and  negates the true self. Communicating about these behaviors and thoughts allows them to surface and be released by  replacing them with positive thoughts and behaviors. Simple awareness is often curative.

The counseling provides techniques to allow the true self to grow and thrive.

Spiritual Counseling helps an individual relate spiritual principles and law to stories and situations that they find themselves in. Through this internal processing blocks are removed from our awareness, revealing a deeper understanding and connection in our life. You can search the world for your answers, but until you truly understand yourself and the way you silently, and unknowingly, engage the laws of the universe, the happiness, self-love, inner wisdom, peace and enlightenment you seek will most likely evade you. Let’s affirm, “I am open and receptive to the Infinite One’s inspiration, guidance and healing, flowing through me in this moment now.

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